Source of idea

在我的牆上掛著一幅世界地圖,它標記著我曾走訪當地國家時的年月日,記載著已曾到過的景點,使我更有動力的想用這幅世界地圖來填滿我 所有旅行的回憶,而唯一美中不足的便是它卻無法將我所拍下的美景和記錄同時呈現,更讓我在未來的十年、二十年後,看著地圖時,卻一點 印象也沒有,旅行當下的生命感動都已隨著時間的流逝而漸漸淡忘了。

每個人都曾夢想著能夠環遊世界,記錄旅行的點點滴滴,留下當下最深刻最感動的一刻,用相機照出最具紀念價值的那一瞬間,但每當結束旅程後 ,必須整理照片並且要為每張照片加上註解時,回想當時的記憶時,卻常常是零零散散,無法拼湊出最原始的感動...

現在的科技越來越發達,人手一機甚至多機的時代來臨,依賴手機記錄生活點滴的你,無法再錯過TTTmap了,TTTmap不但能夠使你在環遊世界時, 將所拍下的照片、記錄當下的心情和感動時,都可以即時上傳與朋友或愛好旅遊的知音們分享並討論外,亦能夠避免旅程結束後的片段回想,使 愛好旅行者的你,一機在手,便能世界暢遊~~

There is a world map on my wall , it mark the time when I travel in the world, mark the spot which I had been to. It give me power to fill in the map with my travel's memory. But it is a fly in the ointment, the map could not keep the beutiful photo and note. In the next 10, 20 years later, I look the map and maybe keep less memory. The moment when I travel is disappear when the time goes by

Everyone has a dream to travel around the world and record everything, keep the most deep moment, photo the beautiful view. When finish the travel, we arrange photos and want to add note in it, the memory is always scattered, could not piece together the original moment.

The tech is developing, everyone has one cellphone even more. If you like record the memory depend on cellphone, you could not miss TTTmap, TTTmap could record the photo and keep the moment when you travel around the world. You could upload immediately and share with everyone. It could lessen the burden with a cellphone when you travel the world.

How to use


Top 100:列出前100大最受歡迎的Note或Person, Newest:列出最新的訊息, Zoom:你可以使用Google Map左下角的搜尋功能找到你有興趣的區域, 並且使用滑鼠的滾輪來控制地圖的大小,Find時即會依據你所看到的範圍找出Top100或最新的訊息。


My Trip:列出你的Note或Trip,點選該筆資料你可以進行Edit或Del,修改完畢後再按Save,當然你可以針對該筆的Note修改Trip,Spot,該筆 資料即會出現在Trip資料夾,我們會將你同一個Trip的Spot進行串連,你可以很清楚的看到你這趟旅程經過那些地方。

Favor XXX:你可以使用Find來找到你有興趣的Note/Trip/Person,點選該筆資料後即會出現+Trip,按下+Trip之後你的Favor Trip即會出現, 當然你也可以移除它(-trip)。我們進行Top100的計算方式是+Note則Favor +1,+Trip時則該Trip下的所有Note會進行加總,+Person時則該 Person所有的Note會加總。

左邊區域主要放置Note/Trip,右邊放置Comment,我使用這樣的風格因為它就像是一扇窗戶,你可以將它打開或收合,透過這扇窗戶, 你可以從不同的角度看到這個世界的全貌。希望你會喜歡

1.If you don't have twitter account, you could press find button to search data.

Top 100:List the most popular 100 note or person. Newest: list the newest note. Zoom: you could use the search function in the cornor to find out the area you interesting, and scroll the mouse to change the view size then press find button.

2.If you have twitter account, you could login it. I give you a word , I won't keep the password in my site.

My Trip: List your note or trip, you could click the data to edit or del, and press save when finish. Of course you could modify the trip spot column, the data will appear in your trip. The map will connect the spot in the same trip, you could know the rounting in the travel.

Favor XXX: You could press find button to find out the note/trip/person. It will appear +Trip when you click the data, press it then the trip will appear in your favor trip, of course you could remove it(-Trip). The top100's equation is +Note then favor cnt plus 1, +Trip favor cnt plus the sum of notes in the same trip, +Person it will sum all notes with the person.

The Note/Trip set in left panel, right is comments. I use the style because it is like a window, you could open or close it. Through the window you could view the whole world with different view point. Hope you will like it.